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NEW - In 2016 the 2-4-8 Tax Blend will become 2-4-8 Tax Choice
The "choice" would allow all taxpayers to choose an income tax rate between 8% and 28% paired with a net wealth tax rate of 2% going down to zero. Wealth taxes paid would reduce Estate and Gift taxes (also set at 28%). This would encourage wealthy individuals to pay some net wealth taxes as a form of inexpensive life insurance.


C - Corp
4% VAT
8% Income

The Huffington Post, Feb. 7, 2012

The Purple Tax Plan by Lawrence J. Kotlikoff

The esteemed Professor Kotlikoff has released his long awaited tax plan as part of his presidential campaign. He opines:

... I call my plans the Purple Plans, because they are designed to appeal to red Republicans and blue Democrats, and red plus blue makes purple.

... Given our nation's enormous fiscal and economic challenges, we can no longer afford a dysfunctional tax system. Most politicians, whether from red or blue states, agree.

... The Purple Tax Plan is a simple, transparent, efficient, and progressive tax system. It will help the economy save, grow, produce jobs, and deliver higher wages.

... The Purple Tax Plan replaces the federal personal and corporate income taxes as well as the estate and gift tax with a broad-based, low-rate, progressive consumption tax and a low-rate, progressive inheritance tax. It also makes the highly regressive FICA payroll tax highly progressive and runs the highly progressive Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credits through the FICA tax. The plan eliminates the need for households and business to file annual income tax returns.

... We certainly need more revenue. Based on the Congressional Budget Office's long-term forecast of June 22, 2011, our nation's fiscal gap - the difference measured in the present (the present value) of all future projected spending, including servicing the existing debt, and all future taxes is $211 trillion!

2-4-8 Response

I greatly enjoyed reading about the Purple Tax Plan. It is exactly the plan I first thought of before I thought of the 2-4-8 Tax Blend plan. Unfortunately, I had not considered the genius of the "Purple Tax Plan" name. Is it for sale?

Eugene Patrick Devany, JD, MPA


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